The Iran/America Digital Archive collects, preserves, and shares the personal stories of Iranian Americans who immigrated to California in the decades since the Iranian Revolution. In interviews, Iranian Americans of various ages and backgrounds tell how they navigated the political turmoil in Iran and the difficult process of migrating to the United States.

The archive will launch in 2017, and will be available to the public for storytelling, education, and research purposes. 

The stories we tell of our experiencing of the revolution, war, migration, and biculturalism, to our grandchildren, children, friends, and colleagues, weave together the patterns of our collective history. Help us preserve the shared recollections of this important period in Iranian-American history.

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Wherever you go, the sky is the same color.” – Shahin

Recent Interviews

July 15, 2015

Marina, California

“I competed with students in other schools to memorize the Qoran, those small verses of…
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